Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 1:16PM
Julie Manwaring in calligraphy, logos

Emily Paben—you'll remember her original logo here—recently joined forces with Sara Martin to create an event planning studio that makes sure your party will be "the one guests want to come to and don't want to leave." (Invite me!) 

So, as we bid adieu to her former design and its yellow confetti, we said hello to an explosion of flowers and whimsical calligraphy. Along with the painted logo, I created a suite of additional elements for use in their rebrand—a line drawn version, a watercolored K, and a few swishes and circles to use under text. 

I love when the design process includes a wonderful, talented client...and an excuse to walk through neighborhood gardens for inspiration and, quite literally, stop to smell the roses. 

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