Oh Baby 
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 8:43AM
Julie Manwaring in calligraphy, illustration

One of my favorite San Francisco friends is pregnant! She's not finding out the gender (though we're sure it's a girl and she will surely marry Ben) so no pink bows or blue rattles for the invites (ha, not that I would ever paint pink bows or blue rattles, thank you very much). And while we don't know what this sweet baby will like, we know her mama loves giraffes.

So giraffes it was, coupled with a watercolor background, coral envelopes, big calligraphy, and 80's style white rose stamps—it was the only alternative to flag stamps that the post office had, ugh!… These were painted, printed, and placed in the mail in excited anticipation of Baby Dixson.

New to this whole motherhood bit, I'm quick to tear up when I think about the beauty, the challenge, the miracle of these tiny beings. Our Ben turns 6 months old today. How'd that happen? While we didn't rent a bounce house for a half year birthday party, we did serve up some mashed sweet potatoes and plan on taking a nice long stroll…

All grown up.

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