Permanent Ink
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 10:35AM
Julie Manwaring in calligraphy, tattoo

I often supply clients with black and white digital files of their final calligraphed art. Because of this, it's particularly rewarding to see the designs in their end use, be it on a product's packaging, heading a website, letterpressed on a notecard…or, like last week, when this photo appeared in my inbox. Charmaine so thoughtfully sent a photo of the tattoo I designed. How beautiful. 

She had requested that it feel whimsical and romantic, but also slightly melancholic, so my goal with this design was to create a graceful movement of letters and a rhythmic, whimsical flow of words that evoked a feeling, a romance. The first design was slightly more dramatic, but given the constraints of tattoo art, we opened up the loops to ensure the e's, a's, and h's didn't become inky blobs over time. Have a look, and many thanks to Charmaine for sharing!

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