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Cheers are in order—Creative Lettering And Beyond is coming out November 1st, and you'll find a chapter in it by yours truly!

I contributed three projects that explore creative craft applications for your lettering—think painted place settings, embroidered cocktail napkins, watercolored gift tags... My favorite? Wood burned lettering (seen in the cheers tag above). Using an electric wood burning tool as your pen, you can create an impressive impression on wood. The result is rustic and awesome...and leaves your home smelling like campfire. I swear our apartment had an essence of s'mores for days while I was shooting. Each project is complete with detailed how-tos, process pics, and final photos. A few outtakes are pictured below—fun, right?!

You'll find my chapter in the incredible company of these super talented letterers—Gabri Joy Kirkendall, Laura Lavender, and Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn. They'll take you through comprehensive lessons and additional projects.

And now, said in my best radio dj contest voice, want your own copy? Be the first to comment below and I'll mail you one for free! If you're a little slow on the draw, you can purchase one here.





While this tattoo is forever, this one is a little more temporary. I calligraphed shalom, meaning peace, for Danni of oh, hello friend and while she hasn't taken the permanent plunge, she gave the tattoo a test drive using printable tattoo paper. Lookin' good!

Photo from oh, hello friend


Permanent Ink

I often supply clients with black and white digital files of their final calligraphed art. Because of this, it's particularly rewarding to see the designs in their end use, be it on a product's packaging, heading a website, letterpressed on a notecard…or, like last week, when this photo appeared in my inbox. Charmaine so thoughtfully sent a photo of the tattoo I designed. How beautiful. 

She had requested that it feel whimsical and romantic, but also slightly melancholic, so my goal with this design was to create a graceful movement of letters and a rhythmic, whimsical flow of words that evoked a feeling, a romance. The first design was slightly more dramatic, but given the constraints of tattoo art, we opened up the loops to ensure the e's, a's, and h's didn't become inky blobs over time. Have a look, and many thanks to Charmaine for sharing!


My Darling Clementine

I mentioned in this post that things are cute when they're small, but as seen here, they're pretty darling all grown up. The mini cards' larger counterparts include punches of color and bold letterpressed graphics as designed by Lilikoi Design + Letterpress

You can buy them online or in stores around the country—my new favorite is this sweet shop in Middlebury, Vermont, Clementine, "where thoughtful shoppers and beautiful gifts meet." Let's go! Clementine posted a pic of the cards on display, how lovely.

Photographed by Lilikoi Design + Letterpress

Photo from Clementine's Instagram


Knot & (rain)Bow

More pretty products from Knot & Bow with Flourish & Whim hand-lettered packaging. So colorful!

Product shots from Knot & Bow


Thank You

A quick note of thanks to our Park Party people...



And just like that his first year is over. Somehow our little 7 pound baby Benjamin has become a toddling, giggly Big Ben. 

To celebrate his birthday (and that we all survived the first year!) we threw a low-key party at the playground with his buddies. I drew up some invites and mailed them to his people calling them to an afternoon of cake and swing rides. 

Our neighborhood park is tucked into a quiet side street with a single picnic table nestled in the back, surrounded by ivy. The setting is already pretty enchanting, but to add some extra birthday magic I sewed a table cloth with scraps from his baby quilt, strung up some fabric garland, and, lest anyone question his age, I embroidered a birthday "one"sie.

Despite the cold and foggy San Francisco day, it was the perfect afternoon marking the milestone. Happy Birthday Benjamin Bruce.



The lower half of our fridge is covered in alphabet magnets, so I've got ABCs on the brain and wanted to share this recent collaboration with Lilikoi Design + Letterpress. I calligraphed a flowing alphabet which Andria screen printed and packaged in the finest fashion. Look! 

Head over to Lilikoi's shop if you'd like to purchase one. They're far prettier than the jumbo magnet letters Ben has strewn about our kitchen...


Sew & Stitch

You'll remember these invites I did for my good friend's baby shower. Well, she had the baby! It wasn't a girl after all, but we love him just the same. Sweet Sam is a very special little baby and deserved an equally special welcome-to-the-world gift.

I love how embroidery can breathe life into calligraphy as the lettering takes on a third dimension. Selecting colors and pairing it with the perfect patterns create unending (and very pretty!) potential.

Speaking of the perfect pattern, I thought these smiling whales were amazing—they're equal parts happy and boyish (footballs and sports equipment are not required on all things boy.) I coupled this with a complementary, equally happy, bright red-orange fabric and embroidered his calligraphed name and birthdate in the same bold hue. The result is a special keepsake for Ben's best friend, Sam.

Side note, our Easter flowers bloomed into the most splendid bouquet, don't you think?



From baby shoes—my new favorite, completely non-essential Ben accessory—to the world's smallest post service, everything is decidedly cuter when it's teeny. These mini cards are no exception.

I calligraphed a series of greetings for Lilikoi Design + Letterpress' card line. Andria then masterfully designed and letterpressed them into pint size perfection. Shop the whole mini card collection here!

(I'll be posting photos of the cards' larger, colorful counterparts later. Get a sneak peak of them here...)

You know it's true.


Oh Baby 

One of my favorite San Francisco friends is pregnant! She's not finding out the gender (though we're sure it's a girl and she will surely marry Ben) so no pink bows or blue rattles for the invites (ha, not that I would ever paint pink bows or blue rattles, thank you very much). And while we don't know what this sweet baby will like, we know her mama loves giraffes.

So giraffes it was, coupled with a watercolor background, coral envelopes, big calligraphy, and 80's style white rose stamps—it was the only alternative to flag stamps that the post office had, ugh!… These were painted, printed, and placed in the mail in excited anticipation of Baby Dixson.

New to this whole motherhood bit, I'm quick to tear up when I think about the beauty, the challenge, the miracle of these tiny beings. Our Ben turns 6 months old today. How'd that happen? While we didn't rent a bounce house for a half year birthday party, we did serve up some mashed sweet potatoes and plan on taking a nice long stroll…

All grown up.



I worked with Knot & Bow, your one stop shop for all things awesome in the stationery goods department, to calligraph their new packaging. The tags feature fun lettering to match their playful products—I mean gold heart stickers and confetti bombs? Okay!

Head over to Knot & Bow to shop the collection and order some glitter twine and parcel tags to fancy up your holiday gifting. 

Shout out to my pre-San Francisco days in Brooklyn. Siiiiigh... // All product shots from Knot & Bow


Recent Work

Though the blog has been quiet, behind the scenes has been anything but. 

Here is a quick peak at a few recent projects both big and small...

A painted and calligraphed logo:

A post by Kelli Hall for Minted's blog Julep featuring five calligraphers and our styles, check out the full post here:

Calligraphy for Lilikoi Design + Letterpress' line of cards, more details and photos to come! :

Designed and letterpressed by Lilikoi Design + Letterpress // Photo from Lilikoi's tumblr

Place cards, table name and signage for Locally Grown Weddings' stunning photoshoot at the Conservatory of Flowers:

Locally Grown Weddings Collective // Planning: Sadie Waddington // Food: Chef Stephanie // Flowers and Styling: Madeline Trait // Photography: JennaBeth Photography // Hair & Makeup Artist: Chava Nieto, Hair to Dye For // Cake: Cake Bloom // Rentals: Hartmann Studios // Specialty Linens: The Swede Life Shop // Tie: This Humble Abode // Bow Tie: DIBI ties // Dress: KT Jeans Designs // Jewelry: Betsy Barron // Veil: Simply Bridal // Invitations: JennaBeth Photography // Cuff Links: By Madeline Trait

And finally, my biggest piece of work yet...sweet Benjamin:



Emily Paben—you'll remember her original logo here—recently joined forces with Sara Martin to create an event planning studio that makes sure your party will be "the one guests want to come to and don't want to leave." (Invite me!) 

So, as we bid adieu to her former design and its yellow confetti, we said hello to an explosion of flowers and whimsical calligraphy. Along with the painted logo, I created a suite of additional elements for use in their rebrand—a line drawn version, a watercolored K, and a few swishes and circles to use under text. 

I love when the design process includes a wonderful, talented client...and an excuse to walk through neighborhood gardens for inspiration and, quite literally, stop to smell the roses. 



Illustration and design by Mikayla Butchart // Calligraphy by Flourish & Whim

Way back when we threw a little fête for our favorite newly-engaged friends...well, their big day is fast approaching and the invites just went out. Ta da!

I had the awesome privilege of working with the insanely talented Mikayla Butchart. Mikayla illustrated and designed the invitation suite and nestled my calligraphy sweetly in—aren't her colors perfection? and illustrations so beautiful? I'm loving the whimsical combo.

My count down to their big day is officially ON.


Mister & Missus

Designed and letterpressed by Lilikoi Design + Letterpress // Calligraphy by Flourish & Whim

Check out these cute and classy coasters from another fun collaboration with Andria at Lilikoi Design + Letterpress. They felt like a fitting post as I skip town with my husband to celebrate 4 years as an official Mr. & Mrs.



Made Locally



Photography by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day // Florals by Jordan Ferney, assisted by Irene Yu // Produced by Stacy Wichelhaus // Sign Crafting by Caitlin Barker // Calligraphy by Flourish & Whim

Jordan over at Oh Happy Day just threw a gorgeous house warming party complete with this stunning floral garland. I calligraphed the banner she nestled sweetly into the eucalyptus and draped over her entry—how warm and welcoming!  

See the full post about Jordan's party here and check here for the how-to details on the floral garland and wired banner. 


I so enjoyed combining my two creative passions—illustration and calligraphy—in this wedding certificate. The watercolored olive branches are a nod to the ceremony's Tuscan location and the calligraphy is in the same lettering style used on their invitations

After the big day, the certificate will become a frameable keepsake displaying signatures of the couple's nearest and dearest in attendance. Art and sentiment! 


Ballooned Up

Photography by Heather Zweig for Oh Happy Day // Art Direction by Jordan Ferney // Produced by Stacy Wichelhaus // Crafting and styling by Caitlin Barker // Assisted by Harper Casimiro // Calligraphy by Flourish & Whim

Another fun calligraphy collaboration with Oh Happy Day—mini balloon placecards. The cutest!

Check out the full post for additional details and pictures here...