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Birds of a Feather

I recently painted this peacock feather for a photographer to use in her logo design. There is something about these colors that I just love...the cool blues and greens, the warm mustards and moss, the romantic pinks and violets.

Isn't nature so often the best inspiration for color combinations?


Color Ways

Color combinations and inspirations are everywhere—nature, fashion, food, interior design... To contain them for quick reference, I keep a color section in my sketchbook of magazine tears, fabric swatches, and written descriptions for when no picture exists. One note reads like a recipe: celadon & cool mint + royal blue splash + equal parts golden yellow, sand, cream.

I love color.

When faced with a blank tote and a rainbow of ink possibilities, I get excited and simultaneously overwhelmed by the potential. So much potential. This mag tear helped reign in my imagination and inspired my printing. 

And I think it's safe to say that gold adds a touch of fabulous to everything. Look at that sparkle!


Color Block It

Sunshine color blocked—a shimmering golden bar flanked by the morning and evening sun.


Golden Ticket

Dusty blue and vermilion are a team that fall on my top ten color combos list. The pair is simultaneously modern and darling and even more charming when coupled with a square of golden sparkle. I drew inspiration from nautical flags and printed this tote, perfect for stowing a sweater and book for an afternoon sail (or for those of us sans yacht, it'd work for land based activities as well.)