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My Darling Clementine

I mentioned in this post that things are cute when they're small, but as seen here, they're pretty darling all grown up. The mini cards' larger counterparts include punches of color and bold letterpressed graphics as designed by Lilikoi Design + Letterpress

You can buy them online or in stores around the country—my new favorite is this sweet shop in Middlebury, Vermont, Clementine, "where thoughtful shoppers and beautiful gifts meet." Let's go! Clementine posted a pic of the cards on display, how lovely.

Photographed by Lilikoi Design + Letterpress

Photo from Clementine's Instagram



The lower half of our fridge is covered in alphabet magnets, so I've got ABCs on the brain and wanted to share this recent collaboration with Lilikoi Design + Letterpress. I calligraphed a flowing alphabet which Andria screen printed and packaged in the finest fashion. Look! 

Head over to Lilikoi's shop if you'd like to purchase one. They're far prettier than the jumbo magnet letters Ben has strewn about our kitchen...



From baby shoes—my new favorite, completely non-essential Ben accessory—to the world's smallest post service, everything is decidedly cuter when it's teeny. These mini cards are no exception.

I calligraphed a series of greetings for Lilikoi Design + Letterpress' card line. Andria then masterfully designed and letterpressed them into pint size perfection. Shop the whole mini card collection here!

(I'll be posting photos of the cards' larger, colorful counterparts later. Get a sneak peak of them here...)

You know it's true.


Mister & Missus

Designed and letterpressed by Lilikoi Design + Letterpress // Calligraphy by Flourish & Whim

Check out these cute and classy coasters from another fun collaboration with Andria at Lilikoi Design + Letterpress. They felt like a fitting post as I skip town with my husband to celebrate 4 years as an official Mr. & Mrs.



Love Tour

Designed and letterpressed by Lilikoi Design + Letterpress // Photographed by Janae Shields

Back in February I collaborated with super talented, San Francisco based Lilikoi Design + Letterpress to calligraph a variety of pieces for the Love Tour. This "boutique bridal bash" was held at the beautiful Cavallo Point Lodge—Bay Area locals, go here for a stunning Golden Gate Bridge view.

Just wanted to share these two sweet shots of the letterpressed calligraphy, captured by photographer Janae Shields.  

...and stay tuned for future collaborations with Lilikoi Design + Letterpress!

That's Amore

After sending the final calligraphy to Kristine at Presshaus LA, she beautifully designed and exquisitely letterpressed this bride's invitaiton suite for her Tuscan nuptials.

Kristine just sent along the final invitation (shipped in the mail with a hand written note, be still my heart...snail mail lives on!). I'm still swooning over the earthy color palette, twine enclosure, and deep letterpress impression.

Look, even the RSVP card plays along—the bride nixed the formal Accepts With Pleasure/Declines With Regret convention for a very Italian Si, Si/No, No. Perfecto!

F&W style: Tuscan



Exquisitely letterpressed by Clo Mor Press

A deep letterpressed impression on a heavy card stock creates an undeniable, tangible beauty. You can run your fingers along the card and feel the dimensional letters. Ah, beautiful!

Mindy Gayer, a talented San Francisco stylist and designer, contacted me to calligraph her holiday card. She had the message and letterpresser set, all she needed were the letters...and fast! It was a quick project, with a beautiful result. 


Why Thank You

I love her formality (and hair). Couldn't help but chuckle to myself while type setting the casual, lower case "thanks." She would never!

Letterpress printed at the San Francisco Center for the Book on their Floor Model Platen Press.