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The latest for Mel's wedding—the completely calligraphed invitation suite! Don't the black stripes and gold wax seal just complete the package? 

PS I recently wrote a little piece for The Quarterlette on my journey from the corporate to creative world...you can read it here.

Printed by On Paper // Photographed by Sara Ewalt of Pinyadayada



Photography by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day // Art Direction by Jordan Ferney // Coordinated by Stacy Wichelhaus // Styling by Caitlin Barker // Assisted by Harper Casimiro // Crafting and calligraphy by Flourish & Whim

I just finished up another fun and festive calligraphy collaboration with Oh Happy Day—no Paas dye required for this classy take on everyone's favorite Easter egg decorating tradition. Not sure you're ready to take the permanent ink plunge? Get it out of your system and tattoo some eggs. 'Tis the season!

I calligraphed a page of Easter greetings and cute phrases that were printed on temporary tattoo paper and applied to the eggs. To download the free calligraphy template, get all the how-tos, and see more pretty pics, head over to Oh Happy Day...


Ready For Business

I'm loving this latest stamp project. Charmain is launching her floral business, Emblem Flowers, and ordered a stamp to make her own business cards. Brilliant! I designed and calligraphed her logo, included her contact info, and voila...insta-business cards. 

She can now stamp her information onto most anything—simultaneously calming fears of running out of business cards at the last minute and opening doors to endless printing possibilities. I had a little fun experimenting before shipping the stamp out—looks great on manilla tags, card stock (any color!), I even did a watercolor wash and stamped right over the paint. Pretty pretty. I am daydreaming of more potential...this lime chalk inkpad on dark card stock? Yes please. 


Let's Be (Forest) Friends

It's been lovely working with San Francisco illustrator Lindsey Manwell—though we've only corresponded via email, it's clear that her personality is as beautiful as her illustrations.

For the launch of her new site, I calligraphed her name along with a set of titles for her upcoming collections—Forest Friends, shown here. How cute are those little faces? I'd be their friend.


Happy Hearts

I've always loved Valentine's Day, a surprising fact considering most of my years were spent valentine-less...and pink clashes with my hair. Something about the Hallmark holiday gets me, maybe it's the excuse to eat chocolate and heart-shaped sugar cookies or maybe it's because I love love. I think both. 

Super talented florist and designer, Madeline Trait, asked if I would whip up a few cards to accompany her bouquets and other treasures in Love & Luxe's Valentine's Day Pop-up Shop. If you're in SF swing by tomorrow between 3 and 7 (or send your sweetheart) to pick up some beautiful blooms, treats by Dulcinea Bakeshop, jewels from Love & Luxe, and a little card to profess your love...or desire for a smooch.



F&W stamp style: state address

F&W stamp styles: wreath initials; lowercase modern

I've just sent off this diverse set of stamps to an equally unique group of clients—a Californian's stately return address, a bride's wedding logo, and a textile designer's monogram to stamp her work. 

Happy Monday!



Lettering has personality—organic, whimsical, playful, formal, cheerful, serious... I love playing with these characteristics to translate someone's brand, a website's mission, a blogger's style, into a hand-lettered logo. The logo becomes a small piece of custom art that can't be duplicated by a computer's font reserve, it is a unique reflection and representation of the individual.

These are two pieces I recently completed that have just gone live. They are calligraphed in very different styles with very different personalities—Emily has a fabulous wedding and events business in Texas and Melissa has a beautiful blog in Canada.

Happy Friday, have a splendid weekend.



Exquisitely letterpressed by Clo Mor Press

A deep letterpressed impression on a heavy card stock creates an undeniable, tangible beauty. You can run your fingers along the card and feel the dimensional letters. Ah, beautiful!

Mindy Gayer, a talented San Francisco stylist and designer, contacted me to calligraph her holiday card. She had the message and letterpresser set, all she needed were the letters...and fast! It was a quick project, with a beautiful result. 


Hello 2013

This year's holidays were particularly sweet. We rounded out 2012 on a high note of love and gratitude with family...and a few magical Christmas day snowflakes.

The 6 hour flight back to SF is always a tough reminder of just how far we live from our favorite people. But after my teary goodbyes (I'm a weeper!) and mopey flight (during which I watched all 100 of VH1's top female singers count down...I'm not proud of this, I'm just saying, it's a long flight) we returned to our sweet little apartment, sunny skies, and a New Year's Eve celebration with friends who love food and fun as much as we do—a good reminder of why we came back.

So it is, the tree is down, the decorations boxed up, and the apartment is cleaned and organized—I'd say we're ready and pumped to kick off 2013. I have a good feeling about lucky '13.

(...I recently sent out these food flags ordered by a mom for her little boy's first birthday party—he's ringing in the new year and celebrating his first year in fine fashion. Pass the cake!)


Tree Huggers

May your Christmas be the merriest and New Year the brightest.

Much love and peace,


PS Flourish & Whim will be quiet through January 1st, till then!


Two Turtle Doves

I calligraphed this little you and me stamp and then went to town inking and wrapping up Brendon's Christmas gifts.

The real fun is on the inside (isn't it always?) Yes there's the gift, but the wrapping paper—ta da, hidden messages! I hope the surprise love notes distract from the less-than-romantic practicality of this year's gifts...

Surprise! The inside of the faux bois wrapping paper...all stamped up and cute


Pen Pals

This set of stationery was ordered by my dear friend's mom for her birthday. Her one request was that I would include a gerbera daisy—Cindy's favorite flower. 

Daisies are such happy blooms. To quote Kathleen Kelly from You've Got Mail (I'm a sucker for all Meg Ryan romantic comedies) "I love daisies. They're so friendly. Don't you think they're the friendliest flower?"

A friendly flower for a great friend—that feels fitting. Happy Birthday Cindy.



F&W style: Elliott


Snippet & Ink Collaboration

Snippet & Ink is every bride's go-to for wedding inspiration—it is a beautifully curated site showcasing stunning weddings, inspiration boards, and endless eye candy along with sweet love stories and creative DIYs. I remember scrolling through page after page during my engagement and, as this was well before the advent of Pinterest, would drag and drop countless images to a wedding folder on my desktop...how archaic!

I was so excited to work with Kathryn, the talented founder and editor of Snippet & Ink, and contribute this set of table numbers, escort cards, and coaster. Kathryn is sharing free printables of the Flourish & Whim calligraphy with her readers today as an early, very merry, Christmas gift.

Be sure to head over to Snippet & Ink for the full post and printable.



F&W stamp style: Murano

New custom return address style...


Monogram Stamps

A set of monogram stamps dolled up and ready to package and ship on out...

...and so it is, I march back to the post office (third trip today!) prepared with a snack and a book to read in the line to end all lines. 


Production Line

Shipping labels calligraphed, tags written, boxes everywhere...let the packaging commence!


Logo Love

Such fun working with bride-to-be Mel again (you'll remember her engagement party invitations...)

Now that she has squared away her super classy venue, picked out a stunning gown, and selected colors—black and white with a touch of gold—we began creating a look and feel for her paper goods to complement all of the above.

Mel loved the idea of having a logo or crest that would carry throughout the wedding, so after drawing up three different designs we landed on this winner. You see it here in the save the date (complete with a sassy striped back!), on her custom return address stamp, and wedding website. It's both modern and formal, sweet and fun...much like this bride and groom.


Christmas Countdown

Photography by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day

The golden sparkle, chalked numbers, and red ribbon are just so merry. 

I helped craft and calligraphy this little tinsel beauty for Oh Happy Day's advent calendar series. Definitely check out the full post here for all the photos, details, and holiday how-tos.


Boxed and Ready

It's beginning to look a little like Santa's Workshop around here—boxes of stamps and cards and custom stationery all shipped and delivered with the help of my trusty, albeit disgruntled, elves at the post office.